Kazh by Annie B. , the timeless elegance.

Photo de la creatrice Annie B.

Established in France, the Kazh by Annie B. jewelry brand originated in Britain, a region with a strong Celtic identity and its traditions as well as definitively contemporary.

Kazh, cat in Breton language, is synonym for the timeless elegance.

Light and soft , the Kazh jewelry could be worn daily and gives a touch of originality and elegance to your simple or sophisticated outfits. They are pieces of your wardrobe which you will like beyond season and fashion.

In her workshop, the designer draws and shapes the material. She is inspired by the nature. The jewelry with organic, mineral, floral forms or geometric shapes bring out the richness of the material, their colors and textures.

Kazh jewelry are formed from natural raw material like wool, silk, leather, cotton …

Each piece is hand-made and is uniquely produced with great care and detailed know-how gained through time.